Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eyeshadow: Terracota Harmony Mono Eyeshadow

Morning ladiesss....

What colour are your eyes today?
Have you bought FCC Terracotta Harmony?
Get it now at our counter or you can simply order online.
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Eye Shadow Terracotta Harmony Mono Eyeshadow
Product Code:THE 

Tips Warna:
01(Dark Brown)
02(Light Brown to Yelowish)
05(Dark to Navy Blue)
06(Light Purple)
07(Yellowish Cream)
08(Soft Pink - I love this one :))
12(Very Dark Brown - I also adores this one. Natural :))
13(Green - I love this for smokey effect :)
14(Dark Pink - Natural and soft)


Tips Aplikasi :
* Sapuan kering memberikan hasil yang lembut. Gunakan berus lembut seperti sponge brush.
* Sapuan lembab menjadikan warna lebih berkilau dan intens. Paking mudah - gunakan jari.

* Pigments to create brilliant shine, does not damage eye area.
* Versatile colors designed for easy application, smudge-proof and long wear.
* Moisturizes the eye area.
* Available in 10 different exotic colors. 

CALL for order: 012-2399629/03-80515446/013-2028986

TQ for support FCC.

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